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The improving market and the pressure to produce in the construction sector have led to exorbitant price increases and rising construction costs in recent years. That is now slowly changing. The affordability of building in the Netherlands is under pressure. As a result, now more than ever, the Dutch construction industry needs reliable financial insights to help it make the most sensible decisions.

Our work for our national and international clients demonstrates that the right decisions lead to improved outcomes and better business results. We achieve this together with our customers with an explicit focus on innovation, yields and sustainability:

  • Getting / keeping a grip on construction finances through proactive cost control and cost management and based on multiple determination methods.
  • Improving / optimizing the total cost of ownership by connecting investment and operation.
  • Realizing controlled and safe building with “the store open” through knowledge of the customer's primary processes in combination with the required logistical implementation processes and schedules.
  • Creating legal support through the application of multiple determination methods and an up-to-date cost database.
  • Delivering distinctive added value through our focus on cost-determining facets and risks, our unique 5D SE/BIM Solution and current (project) database.

In line with our distinctive integrated approach, this Arcadis Form Factors & Cost Key Figures now includes objects from the residential, non-residential and civil engineering sectors. This publication offers construction customers an unprecedented view of the construction, investment and operating costs for a large number of properties in the Netherlands. The use of industry-leading data and insights is becoming increasingly important to enable investors, owners, operators and users to maximize their money and gain competitive advantage in their chosen markets.